Welcome to Your Kitchen

Whether you choose to have a one-on-one cooking class or host a cooking party for a special celebration, KitchenPop will create a fun and relaxed environment to cook and learn.

You pick the menu, we’ll do the shopping, setup, and clean up.

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes for You and Your Friends

Being able to provide a delicious meal is one of the simplest and greatest joys. KitchenPop will teach you how and make the experience a breeze.

Cooking trends come and go. Technique is forever. Learn the basics in your kitchen with our tools or yours.

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Special Events

Celebrate a Special Event with KitchenPop

We know restaurants are awesome. We love to eat out too! How about changing it up a little? Instead, let us help you pick out a scrumptious menu to remember. And there’s no corkage!

KitchenPop events are fun and create lasting memories. Celebrate your special occasion cooking and mingling in the comfort of your home. Learn and practice some new cooking skills, and enjoy a delicious meal with your guests while our KitchenPop team takes care of serving and clean up.

Plan a private cooking party

Learn The Skills For a Lifetime Of Sharing

Learning and eating…the best way to take any class.

Our chefs will teach you culinary techniques and how to use seasonal ingredients while making sure you are having a great time. Whether you take a private or public class, from the moment your chef welcomes you until the moment you go home, you will be satisfied—mind and belly.

Chef Chay

Chay is the founder of KitchenPop. A classically trained chef, he has spent years cooking professionally while exploring different types of foods and techniques in his career. Over the last 10 years, Chay has found that teaching and creating a fun cooking experience is his passion. His years of culinary training will help you create a memorable event.