Yes. We find that when people get involved and prep and cook the meal themselves, the event is more fun and memorable. We do offer the option of more or less hands-on classes and can accommodate your requests at the time of booking.
While menus are almost the same, the main difference is what you want the focus to be. If you want an educational experience, with lots of demo, instruction, and time to ask questions, then a cooking class is for you. If you want less demo and instruction, and more time to socialize and cook with guests, then a cooking party may be what you want.
For the most part, we come to you! Classes are held at your house or any kitchen space that you have access to (apartment social space, community recreational center, etc). There will also be some classes we schedule at one of our partner’s kitchen spaces and those classes will be open to the public.
Open classes are held at a variety of locations in the Bay Area. These include professional kitchens, community centers and private homes and businesses. Since our goal is for every student to cook as much as possible, we keep our classes relatively small. Each menu has a theme based on the origin of the dishes, the nature of the ingredients, or the season of the year. Our classes are a great way to make new friends or the perfect setting to spend time with old friends and share the experience. (check out the Private Parties page).
Most cooking classes and events are about 3 hours long. Since we charge for additional time (by the hour), we always work with you to select a good start time and menu to work within the timeframe. We can also add additional time in advance if more time is desired.
Currently we do not. However, we are happy to provide some guidance on wine for our menu. For an additional fee, we can provide a more in-depth wine pairing recommendation. In addition, at the event, KitchenPop will present and explain each wine for each course.
After intros and overview of the event, the actual prep and cooking is about an hour and a half. This is usually ample time, but much depends on the menu and group. For the meal, we aim to give you at least an hour. Once the group has finished with the bulk of the cooking,  everyone can sit and relax while the KitchenPop staff finishes the meal and allow for a comfortable pace for each course. Part of the experience is that you and your guests are able to relax and enjoy the delicious food you have created.
We do! Your kitchen will be as clean, if not cleaner, than when we started.
Here is an example of a basic class timeline for 8 people:

  • KitchenPop staff arrive and set up kitchen space. Each station has measured ingredients and cleaned vegetables, fruits, and proteins.
  • Each student has a station with cutting board, KitchenPop apron, side towel, and an 8” chef’s knife.
  • Starting with a short intro of the recipes and ingredients by the chef, the groups will dive into making each recipe together. Students are invited to wander around and help other groups.
  • When most groups are done, or nearly done, everyone is invited to the dining area to enjoy the meal. Guests are encouraged to help plate their course and serve friends and family.
  • KitchenPop clears after each course and cleans the kitchen. After the last course, we pack our dirty dishes, load your dishwasher (if needed), wipe down the kitchen, and exit quietly, leaving you and your guests to relax and enjoy the rest of your time together.
We are available to do all the plating, but everyone is encouraged to stay/return to the kitchen and plate their course for service. It may a be a little more work, but people have a great time seeing everything come together on the plates, and it’s a lot of fun to show off your newfound skills and serve your friends.
Yes we do! Corporate events are much like classes or cooking parties. Each event’s menu and objectives are customized to meet the group’s goals, schedule, and budget. As with all of our cooking events, you can choose your team’s level of culinary participation.
We do offer more advanced classes for people with more cooking experience who want to take it to the next level. As you can see our website is more beginner focused. Please contact us and describe what type of experience you are looking for, and we’ll do our best to create something for you.
Anyone can take a private class. For open classes on our calendar, all participants must be at least 18 years old. For kids/teen classes on the calendar, all participants must have signed permission slips by an adult/parent.
Just bring an open mind, good attitude, and healthy appetite. Closed-toed shoes are recommended for prep and cooking in the kitchen. KitchenPop will provide an apron, tools, and all the ingredients needed. All dinnerware and utensils are also provided unless otherwise discussed prior to an event. In addition to a belly full of great food, each student receives a class booklet with recipes and instructions of each dish so you can take notes and recreate the meal at home.
Yes! We promise, you will not leave a KitchenPop class hungry.
Though there is no minimum head count, there is a minimum charge for a class/event.
Customers should budget $75-$100 per person for adult events or classes. We will discuss minimums and other details as we help you plan the event you’re looking for. Actual prices vary based on menu. We are happy to customize parties according to format, budget, and the type of experience you envision for your guests.

We had a wonderful evening! Chay worked with us to create a menu that was delicious and allowed us to learn several new cooking techniques. He brought healthy ingredients, a joyful, easy-going attitude, and serious chef skills. And he cleaned the kitchen! Offering an evening with Chay in your home is a unique way to share quality time with friends. For the price of going out to dinner, you get a high quality experience, take home skills, and a new menu, in addition to a truly amazing meal.

Amy S.